First Girl on the Moon: Anthology Review

Rating: 5/5 Stars

 I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

First Girl on the Moon is one of those books which fills you with emotion before you even realise that it's happening. Sometimes, you don't even realise what's making you feel that way, and I honestly needed to sit back and think about what I was feeling and why, it's an interesting aspect of reading that I've not experienced before.  The writing style was also wonderfully visual, and I flew through this book in one sitting. 

First Girl on the Moon is a collection of nine short stories, about nine young women. Each story carries its own lesson, its own statement left open for the reader to unpick, tackle and challenge in their own way. Every woman in this book is multi-layered and complicated. You want to high-five them, shake their screws loose to make them see reality, hug them to make their lives okay, you want to see them redeem themselves and when its right to - it's exactly what you're given. 

 LGBT+ characters are wonderfully laden throughout this book, but their stories aren't just about queer struggle. They're stories that anyone on any spectrum can contend with because they are relevant to everyone. 

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 Five of the stories connect with the narrative of one specific character, who I wish I could talk about without giving away spoilers. All I can say is that she goes about her life in such a way that you see the destructive path she begins to take lain before her, and I for one experienced bitter-sweet sadness to see that change towards the end of the book. How her story ended felt right for the character. I loved it. 

First Girl on the Moon is less about reaching for the stars, and more about awakening and exploring our potential to be and do better - morally, aspirationally and even sexually. It's embracing the kinks (quite literally in some cases), it's exploring and improving our ability to see one another for what we are, to treat each other better, to learn and to love better. It's looking at the success and problems of life and criticising and opening out the conversation rather than just representing the issue alone.


First Girl on the Moon is published 14 April 2016

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Posted by Briony Appleton.